“God has placed the whole in each piece of the world,
and everything that is, is holy.”
Jason Shulman, The Instruction Manual for Receiving God

What is Wholeness, exactly?

Metaphysically, Wholeness refers to the truth that the many manifestations of creation are One – Unified – just as individual waves are completely at one with the ocean. This is also known as nonduality. Waking up to this truth and living it out is what the work of wholeness (healing) is all about.

Why is it important?

Our usual, everyday mindset is that we’re separate-only, like waves without an ocean. Even if we do believe we’re part of something larger, such as God, Spirit or a Higher Self, we feel that this greater truth is somehow out of reach. This condition is deeply painful and fuels the unnecessary suffering – mental, emotional, physical and relational – that we go through everyday.

What is it like to become more aware of your wholeness?

You grow in the awareness of yourself as a unique and precious individual while simultaneously knowing yourself as an inextricable part of the greater inclusive reality, however you name that.  The result is that you’re more trusting of the way life unfolds, even when it doesn’t work out as you might hope. When pain is present, you can be with yourself and others more productively and compassionately.  You become more at home in your body, more resilient inside and outside, and more at peace with yourself. You  relax and open to aliveness and the essential qualities that are your birthright: joy, strength,  intimacy, creativity, freedom and more.  The Blue Pearl symbolizes this awakened awareness.

The words “whole,” “holy” and “heal” all derive from the same Old English root word, “haelen.”