Healing Doorways

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am,
then I can change.”
Carl Rogers

Holistic Psychotherapy

Holistic psychotherapy sessions address the difficulties that arise from our personal histories and psychologies, including symptoms of anxiety and depression, behavioral patterns, relationship problems, issues with self-confidence and self-esteem, and many more. This work provides two important opportunities.  First, it provides life skills, helps heal historic wounds, and lets us see ourselves and our lives with greater compassion. Second, by illuminating how aspects of our usual worldview contribute to the symptoms and problems we face, therapy empowers us with the self-knowledge and self-awareness that encourage constructive change and underlie lasting transformation.  Informed by Wholeness and your specific needs, I assist your healing process with a variety of gentle methods that  incorporate the wisdom of the inner self and body as well as the mind.  Among these are Emotional Freedom Technique, mindfulness, guided imagery, focusing in the body,  working with personality “parts,” and more.   Sessions last for 45 minutes.

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing

Following a conversational process, healings usually take place as you lie down comfortably and fully clothed. When working via phone or Skype, you receive the healing as you relax in your own home. Healings are as effective long-distance as they are in person.

NKH is a deeply relational, transformational process that promotes healing at all levels of being. This is a wonderful choice if you want to go beyond traditional psychotherapy, are on a spiritual path, are wrestling with existential issues such as loss, illness and death, or if you have felt stuck or untouched in other forms of healing. NKH, developed by healer and spiritual teacher Jason Shulman, holds that unnecessary suffering is rooted in the belief that we are separate-only, disconnected from anything beyond ourselves.

Drawing upon the blueprint of Wholeness described by the kabbalistic Tree of Life, NKH acts as a chiropractic for the soul, relaxing, strengthening, healing and awakening you into a more deeply connected awareness and the capacity to be with Reality as it is. As it gradually promotes harmony inside and outside, you can come to feel more intimately connected to everything as well as more free to be your precious, unique yet limited self. Ultimately this process can support your discovery that your true nature is completely whole – or holy – so that even suffering is no obstacle to a free and fulfilling life. People report feeling more nourished, connected, peaceful, authentic and resilient. 60-75 minute sessions include a compassionate, conversational process followed by a vibrational healing.

 The Constellation Approach™

The Constellation Approach™, founded by Jamy and Peter Faust (www.constellationapproach.com) is a beautiful process based upon, among other works, Bert Hellinger’s family constellation method.  This process reveals that a person’s chronic, intractable problems are often rooted in their ancestral history and reflect hidden loyalties to family members, known or unknown, who suffered a difficult fate.  The healing process assists in identifying and clearing the entanglements within the “family soul” that prevent the individual from living a full and happy life in the present.  Sessions last for 75 minutes.