The Work

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”
Alice Walker

My journey has led me to understand that we begin, live and end life in the reality of Wholeness, which some call God.  Therefore, I see you and your difficulties, whether emotional, physical, relational or spiritual, as existing fully within that wholeness, or holiness. We begin our work exactly where you are, as you are.

Though each of us is already whole, we don’t usually feel this way.  The inevitable wounds and disruptions of our lives cause us to fragment ourselves in the paradoxical effort to preserve a feeling of integrity and save ourselves from harm. We then believe that these fragments are us, not realizing that we have sacrificed the life-giving awareness of our authentic nature.  Clinging to these salvaged “pieces,” we live with and as a kind of “mistaken identity,” symbolized by the “false pearl.”

We seek healing when this situation has begun to cause unresolvable pain. It plagues us in many forms, including anxiety, depression, self-judgment, physical illness, troubling personality patterns, difficulty accomplishing what we hope for in life, and existential or spiritual malaise.

My approach is to gently guide you toward the source of healing – your already-existing Wholeness – through the powerful catalyst of the healing relationship and the ground-breaking approaches I have been privileged to learn. Knowing that even your difficulties have their source in wholeness,  I assist you to meet your pain productively as the doorway to transformation that it truly is.  Over time it’s possible for problems and symptoms not only to diminish or disappear, but for you to develop a new relationship to whatever challenges life presents – because you have changed. Through greater access to your true nature and profound wholeness – including your strength, joy, potential, resilience and natural ability to connect with all of life  –  you can experience the richness of your being and the beauty of life from a brand new perspective.  (See About:  Wholeness)  Committed to supporting you in being with yourself as yourself, I want you to have the lived experience of being the whole, “authentic pearl” that you truly are.

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